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How do I access my profile on the UA Alumni portal?

Your personal profile on the Alumni UA online platform is accessed through UACloud with your credencials, since Alumni UA appears as one more card within the different options offered in UAcloud.


What happens if I don't remember the UACloud credentials?

In this case, contact Alumni UA, sending an email to alumni@ua.es with your information: name, surname and ID.

With these data we can recover your email from the UA (xxx@alu.ua.es) and we will send you a link so that you can create a new password for said email.


What if I have never had UACloud credentials?

If you belong to a group that has never had UACloud credentials, send an email to alumni@ua with your information: name, surname and ID.

We will create an email for you at the UA (xxx@alu.ua.es) and we will send you a link so that you can create a new password for said email.


Why has my membership gone from premium to standard?

This is because after your first free year you have decided Not to renew your stay at Alumni UA, paying the  € 22 annual Alumni fee, so the premium membership becomes standard. In any case, if you believe that an error has occurred in this regard, do not hesitate to cantact us at alumni@ua.es


What happens if I don't want to renew my Alumni stay right after enjoying my first free year?

If after your first free year you consider that you do not want to renew your Alumni membership, do not worry, when you want to return to belong to hte Alumni colletive and enjoy its advantages and services, you will only have to pay the € 22 fee and your profile will become to activate.


How do I have to identify myself as an Alumni in the different UA services that I want to use?

You can identify yourself as an Alumni in several ways:

- Showing your TIU Alumni UA

- Downloading the UA app that will create a virtual TIU that you can also use.

- If you did not have any of the 2 previous options you can also accredit yourself as an Alumni with your ID


How can I edit my profile?

Within the "MY SPACE" menu click on "MY PROFILE" and on the "Edit" button you can make changes in the different sections: General Information, Contact Information, Study Information, Professional Information,....and remember to click "Save" at the end of the form so that the changes made are reflected.


How can I upload a photo?

Go to your account and in the menu "MY SOACE" click on Avatar. You can select a default avatar as your main photo or you can upload a photo from your computer.


How can I send a private message to another user?

There aree 2 ways to send a private message to a user:

1) Click on the "Mail" icon in the member menu and select "Compose". In the "Recipient" field, type the username of the user you want to send a message to. If the username exists, it will be populated by typing the username. This will help ensure that you write it correctly.

2) From the user profile you can click Send mail.



Can I see the messages I have sent?

Click the "Mail" icon in the members menu and click "Outbox". This will take you to your Outbox that contains messages and greetings that you have sent. You can have only display messages or just greetings by placing a check mark next to what you want to see. Unchecking the check mark next to Messages, for example, will show everything except Messages and vice versa.


I have accidentally deleted the wrong message, can I get it back?

Click on the "MY SPACE" menu and then on the "Mail" icon in the members menu and then click on "Trash". All messages and greetings that you have deleted will be displayed. Choose what you want to recover and click "Restore". The selected messages will be in your inbox again.


Are my messages here permanently unless I delete them?

To save space on our server and to ensure that the site in not running what you don't need to run, old messages can be removed periodically.


How do subscriptions work?

You subscribe to another user, that user's profile will appear on the subscriptions page.