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We still want to count on you and be by your side

You are also part of the UA!


These slogans clearly define the university’s philosophy that is behind this institutional project, coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Students and Employment. The aim is to promote and maintain ongoing and dynamic relationships with former students and friends of the UA.

Because we want you to still feel part of this institution even after you have left and because:

  • we want to continue supporting you in your search for employment,
  • we want to count on you when you want to continue with your education and to take part in activities that you are interested in,
  • we want to be by your side when you want to take advantage of all the benefits and services that we offer you,
  • we want to continue helping you to keep in touch with your classmates as well as with all other graduates that are from your area of speciality or from other areas, as at some time or place you may need their help, or you may be able to help them.

Discover everything that this website offers and help us to create a UA Alumni community to promote an ongoing relationship with your university. We believe that being part of the most important and decisive years of your education is something that should remain united.

How to be a UA Alumni?

If you want to be part of this exciting project,

and enjoy your first year as a UA Alumni for free,

sign up to our website through this simple

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Once your registration has been validated you will be informed by email and from that moment you will be an official member of UA Alumni. From that moment on, we would like to count on you to actively take part, whether that means making use of the benefits or telling us your doubts and suggestions if you believe there are issues that could be included or improved.


Only you can make this project useful for everyone

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