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Group of connected people

We offer many ways to contact people who share your interests via networks:

Alumni Directory

Access the directory that will allow you to find colleagues who have studied the same as you, and who perhaps work in the same industry as you or live near you.

Alumni Adviser

You can collaborate by helping other UA Alumni by becoming an adviser on those topics in which you have experience or currently work on. This type of advice is only an informal consultation between Alumni, also taking into account the advice of others.

Alumni ambassador

If you are travelling abroad, look for an Alumni Ambassador in your area who can help and advise you during your stay

Alumni around the world

See the University of Alicante Alumni map to find Alumni around the world.

Alumni sponsor

If you want to get involved in projects at the University of Alicante by providing experience or collaborating in financing them, supporting institutional projects, research projects, student projects, etc.

Alumni volunteer

If you are interested en spending some time taking part in our volunteer programmes organised at the University, please contact the particular service as a UA Alumni.

Alumni Interviews

Here you can find information on some experiences of professionals and Alumni, which hopefully will be inspirational and useful.