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You can collaborate by helping other UA Alumni by becoming an adviser on those topics in which you have experience or currently work on. This type of advice is only an informal consultation between Alumni, also taking into account the advice of others.

To become an adviser you should follow these indications:

1.- First of all you will have to register on this website.

2.- Once you have registered, go to the main menu, “MY PROFILE” and then access “MY ACCOUNT” click on “Edit profile information” and then once you are in this section you will find “I want to collaborate as…” where you will see a list of different topics and you can mark the ones in which you can provide your knowledge and experience*.

* If the topics you want to give advice on are not on the list, you can send an email to alumni@ua.es and we will add it to the list.

Also remember that this is not a professional consultation, but a voluntary action that the adviser gives without anything in return.


Find an Alumni adviser

To locate an adviser, use the "Search Advicers", select in the "Topics" tab and chose the topic which you want to consult.

Please remember that it is not a professional consultation, but a voluntary action offered without anything in return but the person’s opinion.


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