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If you are going abroad and want to become a reference for new graduates and students that arrive to that city by guiding and helping them, do not hesitate to become an Alumni Ambassador.

To become an ambassador you should follow these indications>:

1.- First of all you will have to Register on this website.

2.- Once you have registered, go to the main menu, “MY PROFILE” and then access “MY ACCOUNT” click on “Edit Profile” and then once you are in this section you will find “I want to collaborate as…” an chose “I want to be Alumni Ambassador”.

This will entail that, as well as knowing your location on the map “Alumni around the world”, your email address will also be visible.

What does being an Alumni Ambassador entail?

Being an Alumni Ambassador involves a commitment to respond to inquiries made by any alumni regarding your stay in the country where you are. The main tasks involve giving advice on procedures, practical information on the country and giving recommendations on accommodation and daily life in the city.

Can I do more?

Of course. Voluntarily you can meet alumni in person on their arrival, meet for a coffee during their stay or show them the city, and give information on the area.

This is the best way to meet other alumni, expand your network of contacts and share your experiences in a practical and useful way for others.

What if I want to stop being an Alumni Ambassador?

You just have to uncheck "Alumni Ambassador".

Search an Ambassador / a Alumni

To locate a Emabajador or Ambassador, use the "Alumni Directory", marking with a "click" the "Ambassador" box on the form.

How to be a UA Alumni?

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