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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Alumni UA portal we make available to you is intended to be a social network for UA alumni so you can more easily keep in touch with your colleagues. To help you with this, we would like to inform you of certain features this portal offers.

Before logging in, please note that when completing the details on the home screen the system will automatically assign you to these 5 groups, to which you are linked if you have studied at the University of Alicante:

  • the group of the centre where you studied
  • the group of the degree you took
  • the group of the year you started the degree
  • the class group of your degree and
  • the class group of the university

Furthermore, the following personal details will be initially displayed on your profile:

  • name and surnames
  • country, province and municipality
  • e-mail
  • degree name

The visibility of the information related to the personal details and displayed by default can be modified by means of the privacy settings. In the MY PROFILE > MY PROFILE menu you will find information on the privacy settings (key-shaped icon ). By clicking on the key you will be able to choose the information other people will see when accessing your profile.

You cannot prevent the Alumni directory and World map search engines or the groups you belong to from showing your name.

The World map search engine will show your location based on the postcode on your user profile. If that field is empty, the location will be based on the municipality specified on your profile. The address (street) specified on the profile will never be used, and other users will not be able to see it.